Invest in selling goods
in the United States through
FBA marketplace

You receive income in dollars from around the world through the world’s largest marketplace

First investment returns after 30 days

The business model has been tested in more than 10 stores

Full investment from $5000

Business in the developed US market

Experience is not required, we fully manage the store

Open access to VDS and store

Support 24/7

-Upon request, it is possible to register a legal entity in the form of a partnership in the USA

Goods of American manufacturers

Only transparent scheme of work on Amazon

Why invest in Amazon ?

Developed market:

People in the USA in most cases have free money on hand. The business operates in a huge market with solvent customers.

USD income:

No matter where you are in the world, you earn in dollars. It is the key to your financial well-being and stability.


Making investments in selling on Amazon, you are investing in a stable business for many years, where indicators do not jump from month to month, but grow smoothly.


We provide full access to your account and always answer any questions in the chat as well as on social networks 24/7.

Why is it profitable to invest in our team? It’s simple! We are ambitious, have been working hard for Amazon since 2019. During this time we have faced all the pitfalls and have chosen a stable system of online arbitrage, working with American manufacturers, increasing our working capital every month.

Cooperation options:



Our Amazon Results

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Our team:









In 30 days you will receive your guaranteed returns and we increase the working capital.

Our investors are already making money with us on Amazon FBA.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We have been on the market since 2019. You are looking for stability, and we are increasing our working capital, we are also increasing the loyalty of our American suppliers/partners, we are getting additional opportunities from Amazon.

Fulfillment by Amazon is a business model in which Amazon stores, packages and delivers goods.

We are working on a safe strategy. For more than 3 years of work on Amazon, we have accumulated vast experience in doing business on this marketplace. And as we said earlier, all our statistics and reports are transparent. Amazon is the largest retailer in the world. It is safe for your investments.

We discuss this issue individually. Alternatively, we can register a joint legal entity in the United States; do business on your Amazon store; sign a cooperation agreement. We are open for online and offline meetings. Our address is on the website in the «contacts» section.

In our contract there is a guarantee that we make the first payment in 30 days. You can withdraw all your funds at any time by giving us 45 days’ notice.

The more you invest, the more your profit, it all depends on your capabilities. Check out our options for cooperation and, if necessary, discuss the details with the manager.

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and we will individually select the best conditions for cooperation

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